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Best Online Coaching | Career Guidance

Best Online Coaching | Career Guidance

As the time is passing in this pandemic situation, the complete year is also getting finished. And every passing day brings the information of closure of coaching, school or college. Especially students are facing a lot of problems in this pandemic situation because their learning is getting stopped and nobody knows the time period of the closures of these coachings or schools. Nobody knows how learning will continue when the students are stuck at their homes.


There is only one platform where all these answers can be given and that platform is thehinduzone. It is a platform where students are guided to choose the best suitable coachings for various competitive exams and also to get the best quality of video lectures of many eminent faculty across India. thehinduzone has been created just for the students. Students face many types of difficulties at the time of their studies especially after completing 10th or 12th such as which course to choose, which coaching to choose, which coaching is the best and many more. Students actually need a guiding platform where all the relevant information related to the education should be mentioned. At present time, if students need any information, they have to visit multiple platforms because there is no such platform where students can get all the information. But not anymore, is there for the students. thehinduzone is a panacea for the students where all the stuff related to them is available. Whether they want the detail of any coaching or the career guidance, thehinduzone is always there with the best solution.

Just suppose if a student wants to join some coaching for his preparation and he wants to collect the details related to the coachings, it is very hard and also time-consuming for the student to visit every coaching or websites one by one to collect the details, and even if they do so, not the biased details they can get. In such a situation, thehinduzone which works as the best guiding platform for students. thehinduzone compares various coachings in various parameters so that students can judge themselves which coaching suits him best. 

Let’s discuss the ways thehinduzone helps students-



Career guidance & Counselling refers to a comprehensive and developmental approach to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational & occupational choices. Actually proper Career Guidance is very much necessary for each and every student because it is about the future of the child. But it is also the fact that Career Counselling should be done by some professionals or experts as it is about the career. 

Career guidance and Counselling involves long-term methodical self-assessments and unbiased expert assistance. It helps in developing an individual’s abilities in self-exploration, exploration of educational and occupational choices, as well as in making decisions about his or her career.

thehinduzone is the platform where a number of education experts are working together to guide the students in the correct direction. All the educators are highly experienced and guided thousands of students. They use their experience to make the students’ future bright. If a student is confused in choosing any course after 12th or the field after 10th, has the best answer for that.


  • Coachings Comparison


On the platform of thehinduzone, one can find the comparison of many coachings for all the competitive exams. This comparison is based on many parameters and helps a student to have a clear idea about the various coachings. The parameters of the comparison are- Course Designed, Faculty Details, fee Detail, Batch Size, Past Results, Feedback, etc. These parameters always help a student to judge the level and quality of the coaching and after this, a student can take the decision of choosing the coaching or not.


  • Guidance for various competitive exams


thehinduzone is not limited to any particular exam but it helps students of all the competitive examinations such as- UPSC, NEET, IIT, GATE, State PCS Exams or any other competitive exam. Most of the students are always confused to find such a coaching where they can get the best quality of education which they are looking for. On the platform of thehinduzone, students get the detailed information of all the major and best coachings for all the competitive exams. Now students don’t have to visit multiple coachings or their websites.


  • Video Lectures of top faculties


Many times students face difficulty only in a particular subject and to get the guidance for  that subject, students have to purchase an entire package. Students have to pay for the complete course just to get the class of that particular subject. thehinduzone has brought a solution for this for students. It provides the video lectures of many top faculties across India. Students can get the video lectures for various subjects individually as well. The quality of the video lectures is absolutely amazing and can be used for the better preparation.


  • Demos Arrangement


If a student directly goes to any coaching, hardly he gets a demo. Most of the coachings do not provide demo classes for the students. Even for single class, coachings charge. Actually demo classes are important for the students to understand the way of teaching of the faculties and to have a look at the environment of the class as well. thehinduzone helps students to get the demos for the desirable coachings. It arranges demo classes for the students so that a student can be satisfied with the coaching and after that he can take his decision wisely.


  • Discount Fee


For the coachings of major exams such as- IAS, SSC or banking, students have to pay a high fee to the coachings. Even many times students have to drop the idea of preparation just after listening to the fee of the coachings. If we talk about the fee of an IAS Coaching, it is above 1 lakh for a year which can be paid in 2 or 3 installments. thehinduzone understands the value of the capital you invest for your preparation, so it also provides you discounts on the fee for many coachings. You just have to pay a reasonable fee for your preparation and can continue your preparation with the best coachings. 

thehinduzone is the platform which students always look for. It is a single answer for all the queries of the students. 

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