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10 Tips to choose Online IAS Coaching

10 Tips to choose Online IAS Coaching

10 Tips to choose Online IAS Coaching

If we compare the number of candidates applying for the Civil Services Examination from now to earlier times, the craze for the Civil Services Examination has increased a lot. Every year more than a lakh of candidates apply for the UPSC Civil Services Examination and this number increases every year. It’s always a dream of many people to clear IAS exam but to clear this exam, dedication, consistency, some sacrifices and the combo of hard work & smart work is required. As the syllabus of the Civil Services Exam is too vast, it is said that minimum 2 years preparation is required. But with the proper coordination of above mentioned factors, this preparation time can be shrinked. 

In the preparation of the Civil Services Examination, experienced guidance and the best study material plays a very important role and getting these both factors is not an easy task. Some IAS Aspirants get the guidance with the best faculty or even directly with the Civil Servants but still they fail to clear the exam, just because of improper study material. While some aspirants get the best study material but due to unavailability of the proper guidance, they fail to clear the exam. Actually if you are doing self-study, it is very hard to get both these factors. To get both of these factors, it is very important for all the candidates to join some coaching. An IAS coaching is a very important factor in the journey of the Civil Services Examination preparation.

An IAS coaching is available in both modes- Online & Offline but joining an offline coaching is bit easier than an Online coaching. You can visit an offline coaching and can satisfy yourself completely but in the case of an Online Coaching it becomes very hard to satisfy yourself before joining any coaching. Neither we can visit any coaching nor we can have the live interaction with any faculty or with any batch mate. Then, how to choose the best suitable coaching for you to prepare for IAS.

This question has been a major question for an IAS aspirant today. In this article, you will get to know about the 10 tips which are helpful for all IAS aspirants who are looking forward to join any IAS Coaching.

Tip 1: Proper Interaction

Tip 1- Proper Interaction
tips to choose best Online IAS Coaching

In any class, if interaction with the students & faculty or students & students is missing, class is going to be less fruitful. Without a proper interaction in any class, neither any faculty can get the response of the students of what he/she is teaching nor can students have the discussion about any topic. Today, technology has developed a lot and with the help of the technology, live interaction is also possible with faculty as well as batch mates. Before joining any coaching, must have a look at the way of the conducting classes. If the interaction is missing, not to go for that one.

Tip 2: Experienced and Expert Faculty

Tips to choose the best Online IAS Coaching

Faculty is the major factor for any coaching to make it the best or the worst. If the faculty is much experienced and knows the way of guidance through Online Classes, coaching always grows up. Teaching offline is more comfortable than teaching online because facing the camera is a big task for most of the people. Faculty is responsible to make any student stick with the coaching for a long period. An experienced faculty works as the best guidance for the student. Before joining any coaching, always look for the feedback for the faculty of a coaching by the students.

Tip 3: Resources of Study Material

Tips to choose the best online IAS Coaching

Online Videos or Live Classes are not enough for the preparation. There are many other ways of the study material apart from videos or live classes such as- PDF study notes, e-books, soft notes, etc. These resources are very helpful for the preparation and must be provided by the coaching so that students can continue their preparation when classes are not conducted.

Tip 4: Current Affairs Classes

Tips to choose the best Online IAS Coaching

Everyone knows the importance of Current Affairs in the Civil Services Examination. As Current Affairs does not have any fixed syllabus so it can not be taught anytime. Current Affairs Classes must be conducted on a regular basis to keep candidates updated about the current happenings. If Current Affairs are not taught regularly, it will be a bulk for the candidates to go through all the latest happenings. Always join the coaching which conducts the Current Affairs Classes on the regular basis.

Tip 5: Sectional Tests

Tips to choose the best Online IAS Coaching

It is very important for every IAS aspirant to keep checking their performance on a regular basis. By this, an IAS Aspirant can feel confident at the time of real IAS Exam and can also know their weak points and can work on that before the examination. Tests always build up the confidence of a candidate and help a candidate to check the performance. If a coaching conducts the sectional tests for the candidates, you must go for that one.

Tip 6: Up gradation

Tips to choose the best Online IAS Coaching

Up gradation is very important for a coaching as the pattern of UPSC keeps on changing and if proper eye is not kept on the pattern of UPSC Exam, an UPSC aspirant may lag behind from his/her competitors. A coaching needs to be upgraded to take the preparation of IAS aspirants in the right direction. A coaching should keep changing the way of their tests, teaching and also the study material resources so that candidates can be interested in the preparation.

Tip 7: Proper guidance

Tips to choose the best Online IAS Coaching

Proper guidance is very necessary to clear the Civil Services Examination and it is very hard to get in an Online Class. The best coaching is the coaching which always stands behind every candidate till he/she faces the examination. In an Online coaching an aspirant can not directly go to meet the faculty for the guidance, so there should be the facility for the candidates to ask for the proper guidance whenever is required.

Tip 8: A Supportive Team

Supportive Team
Tips to choose the best Online IAS Coaching

In an Online processing, there should be a well supportive team apart from the faculty. Candidate may face any technical issue anytime, may need to send mails or messages or may need to call the Customer Support. So there should be a supportive team for all the candidates.

Tip 9: Answer Writing Practice

Tips to choose the best Online IAS Coaching

In an IAS Exam, the level of thinking is judged through the way of writing answers. As an IAS aspirant, a candidate must have thinking like an IAS officer and that thing should be expressed in the answers. An IAS coaching must guide the candidates for answer writing. Everyone knows the value of answer writing in a Civil Service Exam. Without having the proper way of writing the answers, it is very hard to clear the exam.

Tip 10: Fee


Tips to choose the best Online IAS Coaching

Just compare the fee structure and the facilities of various coaching institutes. A coaching which is charging a high fee but equips you with all the important factors for the preparation of IAS can be considered as the best coaching for IAS preparation.

If you are genuinely preparing for the Civil Services Examination, don’t opt out the coaching for your preparation by seeing the fee. Just go for the coaching which provides all the necessary stuff for the exam.

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