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Best Online IAS Coaching in Pandemic Time

Best Online IAS Coaching in Pandemic Time

Due to the pandemic of COVID 19, the whole education system has been affected. Schools and colleges have been closed for an unknown period and all the exams have been canceled or rescheduled. But if we talk about the candidates who prepare for any competitive examination, they have to suffer a lot during this pandemic period. All those candidates have to take the coachings for their preparation but now as the shutters of all the coachings have been closed, they had to face the problem in starting. But now things are coming back on the track and everyone has started to find the alternate of everything. Coachings have found the online classes as the alternate of the Physical Classes for the competitive examinations’ candidates.

If we talk about the candidates of India’s most reputed as well as the most difficult exam-the Civil Service Exam, candidates had to suffer a lot. Most of the IAS Aspirants depend on the coachings for their preparation but after Lockdown, all the aspirants had to suffer a lot. But as I told, coachings have found the Online Classes as the alternate of the Offline classes, classes for IAS preparation are also being conducted online now on the daily basis and again candidates have started their preparation for the examination. 

But it is about the Online Classes of the Civil Services Examination, which means a candidate has to pay a high fee to join coaching. One must invest at such a place where he can get the exact quality of education which he is looking for. PLUTUS IAS is the coaching that has been serving IAS aspirants for more than 20 years through Offline classes and now PLUTUS IAS                 is available for the IAS aspirants with Online Classes. As PLUTUS IAS focuses only on the candidate’s preparation, PLUTUS IAS has made its Online classes so real that a candidate feels just a real class like environment. Students here interact with faculty directly, ask questions, respond to the faculty and even interact with their batchmates. Students have a discussion on the topics with other batchmates without any trouble. To take admission in PLUTUS IAS till the last year, students had to pass an eligibility test based on the NCERT basics but this eligibility test has been finished this year and now students can directly enroll in PLUTUS IAS. Actually this test was to judge the interest of the candidate towards the preparation of the Civil Services Examination but this year this eligibility test has been finished due to COVID 19.

PLUTUS IAS never believes to fill the batch with a crowd of the students, it only allowed 70 students to sit in an Offline batch, and now in an Online Batch, only 40 students are allowed to sit. Behind the idea of the fewer students in a batch, the ideology of PLUTUS IAS is-The smaller the batch size, the easier your doubts will be answered.

For the offline batches, PLUTUS IAS had committed to refund the entire fee of the candidate if he had attended the 80% of the classes and the tests but he could not clear the Prelims exam of the Civil Services Examination. This was actually the guarantee for the students that the students would surely clear the prelims examination if they genuinely followed the guidance provided by the coaching.

The faculty of PLUTUS IAS is highly qualified and possesses more than 5 years of experience in teaching the Civil Services Examination and other competitive examinations as well. The faculty belongs to many renowned Universities such as- Delhi University (DU) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). The way of teaching of the faculty is entirely different from the traditional way of teaching. Faculty works here on the ideology that a good communicator is always a good listener. The faculty of PLUTUS IAS listens to all the doubts and queries of the candidates very patiently, then only the faculty starts guiding. As the batch size is not so high at PLUTUS IAS, faculty interacts with each and every student and assures to make clear everything to every student. Faculty of PLUTUS IAS is always available for the students’ help so that whenever any student faces any type of difficulty in the preparation, faculty can resolve it as soon as possible and students can take the preparation ahead.

There are many platforms available at PLUTUS IAS for the study material such as PDF notes, Online Library, e-books, Video Lectures, Live Classes, self prepared study material, etc. A student at PLUTUS IAS can get a number of books for the preparation from the Online Library. 

PLUTUS IAS provides self-prepared study material to the students. Around 8-9 subject experts are behind the every study material of the subjects and PLUTUS IAS is especially guided by the former Civil Servants while preparing the study material. Students are guided by the former Civil Servants also. 

There is another factor that proves the transparency of PLUTUS IAS. PLUTUS IAS provides overall 905 hours of classes and the factor is that PLUTUS IAS is the only coaching that clearly shares the details of the total hours of classes for each subject. Hours are perfectly distributed for the preparation of every subject according to their weightage in the exam paper.

PLUTUS IAS always contributed majorly in the results of the Civil Services Examination and still working to increase this contribution.

In this hard time of students, PLUTUS IAS is the only name which is dedicatedly working for the IAS aspirants.

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