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Top 10 CBSE Schools In Ayodhya

Top 10 CBSE Schools In Ayodhya

 Top 10 CBSE Schools In Ayodhya Ranking, Admissions, Fees, Results

Connect to the list of Best CBSE Schools In Ayodhya 2023-24. The list comprises of all Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Schools situated in Ayodhya. Further the list comprises of schools that are indian as well as international. Also find CBSE Class 10 and 12 Board examinations conducted in indian states with ranking and results.

CBSE Schools in Ayodhya

Get details of best CBSE schools in Ayodhya. The city filled with happiness and joy is an array of best CBSE Schools which are not among better but best. Make you search fulfilled and clear all your doubts with eduindianews to get handpicked list based on your choices. Sit back and relax reading more with Eduindianews.

Best CBSE Schools in Ayodhya

Ayodhya also known as city of Lord Rama is situated on the banks of holy river Saryu. Ayodhya has a large number of schools and colleges for the students. Here’s a list of all those best CBSE schools in Ayodhya for you to choose for your children. Get customised listings by with Eduindianews.

Top 10 CBSE Schools In Ayodhya

Get through the list of Top Best CBSE Schools in Ayodhya handpicked by the team of eduindianews for all students and parents to achieve success in future.

1. DAV Public School Faizabad Ayodhya

Fees Rs. 65000 (Approx) Annually

Admissions Online Available

Address N.D.University Of Agriculture & Tech Campus Kumarganj, 224229

2. Vidya International Academy School Deoria Ayodhya

Fees Rs. 70000 (Approx) Annually

Admissions Online Available

Address Parsauli Mu. Bhitaura, Faizabad – 224127

3. Innovative Minds Academy School Faizabad Ayodhya

Fees Rs. 70000 (Approx) Annually

Admissions Online Available

Address Prabhat Nagar, Raibareily Road, 224001

4Global Wisdom School of Education Akbarpur Ayodhya

Fees Rs. 50000 (Approx) Annually

Admissions Online Available

Address Near 50 no. tubewell Village: Ariyona Akbarpur224122

5. Amar Public School Parikrama Ayodhya

Fees Rs. 55000 (Approx) Annually

Admissions Online Available

Address Bbheekha Pur (Deokali Bypass) Near Parikrama Road 224001

6. Radiant Central Children Academy School Ayodhya

Fees Rs. 60000 (Approx) Annually

Admissions Online Available

Address Jalalpur, Ambedkar Nagar, 224149

7. Tiny Tots School Faizabad Ayodhya

Fees Rs. 65000 (Approx) Annually

Admissions Online Available

Address Darshan Enclave, Civil Lines, Station Road,224001

8Avadh International School Faizabad Ayodhya

Fees Rs. 80000 (Approx) Annually

Admissions Online Available

Address Ashapur Darshan Nagar Faizabad 224135

9. Narendra Deva DAV Public School Faizabad Ayodhya

Fees Rs. 60000 (Approx) Annually

Admissions Online Available

Address N.D. University Of Agriculture & Tech Campus Kumarganj, 224229

10. Seth MR Jaipuria School Ayodhya

Fees Rs. 75000 (Approx) Annually

Admissions Online Available

Address Behind Govt Polytechnic College Lucknow Highway Sahadatganj 224002

Top CBSE Schools in Ayodhya

Ayodhya, also known as Saketa, is an ancient city of India and it was once the capital of the ancient Kosala Kingdom. It is an important education centre of the district which has many schools, colleges and universities. Ease your difficulty in finding best CBSE Schools in Ayodhya. The top facilities, best infrastructure and an unbeatable method of teaching the CBSE curriculum, is all comprised for you personally by Eduindianews team.

List of Top & Best CBSE Schools in Ayodhya

The city known for Ram Ki Paidi, Deokaali, Kanak Bhawan and Gulab Bari. Eduindianews makes an attempt to bring to you the details of all the best CBSE schools in Ayodhya which will suit your requirement. The fee structure, infrastructure or the pedagogy. Visit with us for the detailed analysis of all the schools you prefer or all those schools which might fit your expectations.

Best CBSE Schools in Ayodhya with Fees, Address & Contact

Water Amusement Parks, Railway connectivity, city bus service is run by the Ayodhya Municipal Corporation, Bazars, Shopping Malls, Street Foods to Restaurants and many more is the daily routine of this city. But the life as a parent can get difficult when searching for a good school for their child. Eduindianews brings to you the list of the top CBSE schools in Ayodhya which fits aptly for your child. Requirements are yours and responsibility is ours.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What extra curricular activities are offered by CBSE Schools in Ayodhya?

Different CBSE schools depending on the kind of infrastructure and trained staff they have, host varied extra curricular activities for students. Ranging from horse riding, swimming, tennis, cricket, Football to others that don’t need a very elaborate infrastructural requirement like chess, theatre, art, pottery, music, dance. The more modern and advanced schools also have some new age clubs that help children gaining insights towards some 21st century careers and interests like film making, robotics, horticulture, photography and baking. At, each school’s extra curricular activities are clearly listed to help the parents make the right choice for their child’s all round development

2. What is the actual student to teacher ratio in CBSE schools in Ayodhya?

While CBSE mandates a Teacher Student ratio of 1:35. In the primary classes till grade 2 most CBSE schools have a class size of about 30-35 students with one main teacher and other assistants. However, with the new age progressive schools the importance of individualised attention is being understood and class sizes are reducing to 20-25 with 2 teachers till grade 1/2. Going further the class size remains the same but subjects matter experts along with the class teachers attend to the class in a scheduled day divided into periods of 35-45 mins. However, quite a few old as well as prominent schools follow a 1:40 ratio. At, every school’s information page clearly depicts the Teacher Student ratio. Parents can use this information to make informed choice on school selection.

3. What is the minimum age criteria for class 1 in a CBSE school in Ayodhya?

Age criteria vary from place to place. While some schools open admissions to children who are 3+ years in nursery others are strict on 3.5 years and above. This results in students of grade 1 to be between the bracket of 5+years to 5.5 years and beyond.

4. Which is the best CBSE school in Ayodhya at an affordable fees?

Usually, good CBSE schools fall under a fee bracket of 40,000- 1,00,000 per annum depending on Facilities offered for child’s development. However, school selection in a city like Ayodhya if more often a consideration of location rather than the entire city due to travel constraints. Almost all schools grant admissions on the basis of distance from the school so that the school transportation can cater to them. You can find the listing of CBSE schools in prominent localities of Ayodhya.

5. What are the admission guidelines for CBSE schools in Ayodhya?

There are several factors that parents must consider before enrolling their children in a school:

Location and transport:

The hours post school need to be constructively utilised in self study, sports or with family. The school should be located at a very comfortable distance from home so that the child is not spending a lot of time in travelling.

The school must have a well defined and organised transport system which ensures that pick up and drop timings are adhered to and there is always a vigilant adult in the vehicle with the children.

Teaching approach:

While the curriculum defines a framework, the teaching pedagogy that a school adopts reflects its approach. On the basis of what fits well for the child be it a traditional style rote learning methodology or new progressive experiential, every parent must thoroughly understand what is the teaching style of the school.


Teachers have a very crucial role in shaping a child’s personality in these years therefore understanding the kind of faculty the school has becomes very important. Trends such as frequent teachers changing due to attrition or untrained and unqualified staff impact the child’s academic performance and overall development.

Student performances:

The schools performance in terms of class 10th and 12th exams reflect upon the academic achievements of the school. Similarly students gaining laurels in sports, performing arts, debates and interschool competitions gives a very clear and fair picture about the schools overall presence.


While basic facilities like, transportation, sanitation, stationary, cafeteria, co-curricular are important to look out for, it is interesting to always go for a school tour to gain a better visual experience. Some new age CBSE schools have enriched their learning experience for students by creating, technology integrated classrooms, labs, all weather sports.

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