TheHinduZone has designed a unique series of live webinars for the aspirants of different competitive examinations. It is common that students face various challenges before they appear in a competitive examination. Students, preparing for competitive examinations, have doubts, anxiety, and confusion about how to start their preparation, what should be the appropriate strategy, what is the right time and the way and how to prepare along with what to study and what should be omitted. Generally, most students talk to their peers, seniors, and family for guidance. Hence they are unable to get the correct and proper guidance. To serve this purpose, TheHinduZone has started a live webinar series titled “Career Talk” to provide the right and effective guidance to aspirants from the experts of the various fields.

“Career Talk- Live Webinar for UPSC”

TheHinduZone is organizing a live webinar titled “Career Talk-Live webinar for UPSC” on 15th July 2021. It is a change-moment program for the aspirants who are planning to crack the UPSC civil services examination. The program has been designed for guidance and career counseling from the experts to help aspirants in preparing the road map with skills and proper knowledge.

This program aims to provide:

  • Career Guidance and Counselling.
  • UPSC Key Strategy to Crack the Exam In the First attempt.
  • To Learn Do’s and Don’ts 
  • Key For self Motivation & Energy 
  • Learn a Lived Experience From an IAS officer
  • Learn how to Continue with your commitments, Regularity Forces, and believe. Yes, I Can 

Our Guest of Honour is Mr. A. K. Saxena, is a retired Civil Servant from the Government of India, Ex. Joint Secretary in UPSC, Ex. Secretary in PESB,  Joint Secretary in DOP&T, Former Finance Member on Building Committees of IITs at Central Government of India. He is also a freelance journalist, an author, a blogger, and a columnist. Our Guest Speaker is Mr. Rahul Nagre, faculty of  History ( GS & Optional)  Current Affairs B.Tech (NIT), M.A in History  

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Register yourself with a nominal charge and be benefited from a two-way communication webinar.

TheHinduZone is giving the opportunity to aspirants of Civil Services Examination to interact with our guests Mr. A. K. Saxena is a retired Civil Servant from Government of India and Ex. Joint Secretary in UPSC. and Mr. Rahul Nagre, faculty of  History ( GS & Optional)  Current Affairs B.Tech (NIT), M.A in History in the live webinar. In this pandemic situation when group studies, group discussion, and group notes have been difficult, due to which many aspirants find themselves under pressure, anxiety, and confusion. Our paid registration is designed for such aspirants to get a chance to speak to our guests and ask questions to clear their doubts and queries related to UPSC preparation and examination.


The HinduZone is also offering free registration of “Career Talk – Live Webinar for UPSC”. The program is designed according to the different needs of different individuals. With free registration, one will be able to join the webinar on YouTube and will get a chance to learn from the people rich in knowledge and experiences, freshen up the concept and gain more knowledge about the Civil Services concept.

Start Time

11:00 am

July 15, 2021

Finish Time

12:00 pm

July 15, 2021

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