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Counselling and Guidance

TheHinduZone is your partner throughout your career journey. It guides you about all possible career aspects. For the different needs of different individuals, we have designed a special counselling program for sincere students. Helping students prevail and achieve their dreams TheHinduzone provides excellent career counselling that has been proven to be extremely helpful and has assisted several students in choosing the right path of success and help them lay a great foundation for their phenomenal future endeavours.

Due to the lack of the right guidance and counselling many students get stuck somewhere in their career journey and look for basic guidance and mentorship. Those who are confused about how to prepare, when to start preparation, which one is the right coaching. TheHinduZone with its free counselling program provides all guidance and basic counselling to the students. Our counsellors are available for telephonic counselling and assistance. For mentorship and motivation purposes we have a panel of industry experts eminent personalities. TheHinduZone regularly organize webinars with experienced rich and successful people

Paid Counselling

With increasingly myriad career options, career counselling has become an essential part of people’s life. Students after completing their 10th are often indecisive about what to do further. This indecisiveness could be a result of social pressure, lack of parental guidance, multiple career options, ignorance of personal potentials etc. Career counsellors cater to these issues effectively. Career counsellors link students to experts who represent as models to encourage and positively reinforce the students. TheHinduZone provides its students with great career guidance that helps students choose their own path of success. This helps students explore their potential and achieve their true goals. We at TheHinduZone, stay with our students throughout their journey to help them.

Fee Structure

Duration Fee Features
One Time Career Counselling 25,000/- AI-Powered Career Assessment Industry Mentorship
Personalized Career Counselling
IQ test, Strengths, Weaknesses, Interests, Learning Speed, Skills.
One Year
Career Counselling & Performance Tracking
90,000/- AI-Powered Career Assessment
Industry Mentorship
Career Counselling & Tracking
Performance Analysis
Psychology Analysis,
Learning& Growth Analysis
QIP (Quality Improvement Program)