Career Guidance For Making Accurate Carrer Choices 

A new study on career choice mindfulness among youngsters in India has uncovered that a  faltering 93% of the  14 to 21 knew about only seven professional choices however there are in excess of 250 unique sorts of occupation alternatives accessible in India. Are we doing something wrong?

In the precise competitive economical settings if young minds don’t know about the enormous number of professional alternatives present in India then it is a serious setback to India’s pragmatic growth. The unemployment crisis is raging in the country, the main reason behind this problem is that there are a huge number of youth passing out from schools and colleges every year, and there is a lack of awareness among Indian students regarding their future career options.

With this intention, ‘The Hindu Zone’ aims to bring together counselors from marginalized cities in India and hopes to systematize career guidance departments.  To begin with, we explain to our aspirants that there is no specific age to start career counseling but the sooner the better. In this process, our major motive is to convince parents and Aspirants to sharpen their awareness and feel confident about their goals.

The Hindu Zone in a comprehensive manner trains parents regarding how to support their children in their career planning process. Thus, if parents can build their own awareness regarding new career options coming up, then they can be a very helpful part of their child’s career decisions.

We encourage aspirants to get engaged in critical thinking. Children need to first become aware of the many subjects and career options that are present, before they finalize one, they will also need to build their profile for the chosen career. The next obstacle in front of the aspirants is to prepare themselves to get into these industries, an apparent solution would have been by taking professional training but this doesn’t help rather it majorly bewilder aspirants’ tender mind with a plethora of options available in the market. 

The Hindu Zone as a savior comes and guides our aspirants by giving them authentic information on different competitive examination institutes for UPSC, IIT JEE, NEET, GATE, STATE PCS, Finance, Chartered Accountant, Company secretaries, Computer Application, IT Design, Management, and other competitive examinations according to students suitability be it their budget or locations or any other factors. Hence, we help them to compare and contrast the facilities which are being offered by various organizations so that they can make wise decisions with their hard-earned money.

In addition, e-learning nowadays is not an option but a necessity in front of students, and here too, The Hindu Zone helps our students to come out of various forms of fear and myths about online learning. Indeed, online learning is very convenient and saves a lot of time and energy as compared to traditional forms of educational platforms. Nevertheless, even in today’s time of technological advancement students in India are apprehensive about this e-learning platform due to lack of guidance, on the contrary, online education can help students to boost their preparation and we guide them in this regard.

The Hindu Zone Has Lot Many Other Dimensions Which Assist Our Students, For Instance:

  • If an aspirant is enrolled in any coaching through our reference, The Hindu Zone provides them with a discounted fee.
  • Special e-learning Library Facility
  • Additional free study materials
  • Our aspirants would be assigned with a mentor for a whole year who will guide aspirants throughout their examinations.
  • Evaluation of test series
  • Doubt session 
  • Mock Interviews

The Hindu Zone is not only a career counseling platform but a true companion in an aspirant’s career journey.

Special Features That We Provide:

At Hinduzone we not only provide our students with necessary information about flagship-grade education providing coaching institutes but we also provide our students with career counseling and with a team of some of the best counselors we guide our students as to which coaching institute is best as per their needs and wants.

  • Every aspirant has his/her own different needs and these needs and wants should be met with a coaching institute, this is where our phenomenal career counselors come into the picture. 
  • Our career counselors provide students with all the necessary information which they might need and direct them towards the right path.
  • Providing top-quality guidance to students all across the country, we at TheHinduzone have put our focus on directing young aspirants to the right path.
  • By using unique guiding methods TheHinduzone has successfully revolutionized the education industry.
  • We believe that all aspirants should be provided with an equal opportunity and provided with the same flagship-level education.
  • There are hundreds of stories about underprivileged students coming to the top and fulfilling their dreams and it all begins with a coaching institute.
  • TheHinduzone with the help of its extremely talented team of phenomenal career coach has successfully changed the way education is consumed in the country and has provided all aspirants of India with an equal opportunity to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals.

Why Choose Us As Your Coaching Provider?

By providing our students with plentiful coaching institute options that provides multiple batch size classes, interactive classes, low fee range, and many other flagship features like extra supportive mentor which helps students throughout their competitive exam journey and provides them with great tips and tricks to help them achieve success in their competitive examination we at TheHinduzone always ensure to provide our students with the best and top-quality experience.

  • Our guidance programs have been proven to be of great help, as many students have trouble navigating through their competitive exams. The guidance program is for students to help them navigate through their examination preparation and to motivate them. 
  • Free E-library has been of great help for hundred of students as it enables students to easily access all of the study material online and study whenever they want wherever they want and with 24×7 easy access.
  • Booklets and notes from other coaching institutes are provided to students to help them study as much as they want and to improve their skills.
  • Multiple test series to help students develop great writing skills and quick thinking skills.
  • As the competitive examinations are 3 hours of duration only, students need to be fast and accurate with their answers, and to help them with this our few selected coaching institute’s faculty teams creates an exam like environment where students are to solve a question paper within 3 hours and the same competitive examination like marking pattern is followed meaning negative marking is there, all of this helps students to develop and greatly enhance their skills and vastly improves their writing skills, 
  • Free online test series are also conducted by many of our selected coaching institutes to help students develop quick thinking skills and to improve their performance,
  • A special guide who keeps tabs on every student and evaluates a student’s performance and checks their preparation through the competitive examination journey.

What Makes Us Better Than the Competition?

We at TheHinduzone want to provide our students with the best features and facilities which is why we provide several benefits to students who choose a coaching institute that is associated with hinduzone institute, we provide special benefits to all students who have enrolled themselves in a coaching institute that was recommended by our career counselors, students will get all the benefits from their coaching institutes and some extra special benefits from Hinduzone like extra study material, we also have tie-ups with reputed E-libraries like OnlineKhanmarket, students are able to access these online libraries from their smart devices at the comfort of their house and are able to access their full books collection and study form the E-library, with unlimited books on offer and other quality features the Hinduzone has its prime focus on the betterment of students and helping them achieve great success in their competitive examination.